Stiffness Options | Concept2

Stiffness Options

The blade and shaft work together as a system to create a perception of oar stiffness or “flex”. We pair stiffness to the athlete and the blade; smaller or older athletes (such as youth, women, lightweights and masters) will want to use softer shafts than heavyweight (men, elite) athletes. When matching shaft stiffness to blade choice, efficient blade designs are often paired with softer flexes.

Extra Soft (Skinny Only)

A good choice for smaller or older athletes (youth, women, lightweights, masters) who want the efficiency of the Fat2 blade but prefer a softer feel at the catch.


  • The most common choice for youth, women, lightweights and masters.
  • Recommended for heavyweights using the Fat2 blade.


  • A popular choice for elite athletes, teams and clubs.
  • This is the standard stiffness for Ultralight shafts.

Stiff (Ultralight only)

Appropriate for those who prefer the stiffest option.